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Business Process Assignment

Pizza Hut (Malaysia) Business Processes



Pizza Hut (Malaysia) operates under QSR Brands with approximately more than 100 restaurants throughout Malaysia. Pizza Hut offering an enticing range of nutritious Italian-American dishes, including the ever-popular pan pizza, Pizza Hut caters to both young and old.


The success of Pizza Hut derived from its imaginative and innovative ways with continuously development, marketing and promoting of new products while continuing to serve "the best pizza under one roof".

Business Processes

There are many business processes that happen in Pizza Hut organization. It includes:


  • Sell product to customer
  • Manage Finance
  • Order and Supply Product
  • Manage employees
  • Maintain Facilities


All of these processes are connected to each other. Therefore, it needs to be managing carefully to get a higher profit and demand.


From many of the processes, I will choose sell product to customer process for elaboration. Due to the rapid growth in demand, Pizza Hut runs a Call Centre that has increased the speed and efficiency of home deliveries Other than that, Pizza Hut also has an online ordering whereby it more convenient and the customer can access to entire menu that Pizza Hut produced.

Description of the Flow Chart


There are many ways to order a pizza and their add-ons in Pizza Hut. Other ways that not been described in the flow chart are dine in and take away. Since this process are common therefore, it not been described in the flow chart.


            The customer can choose whether the order can be made by call or by online. In call ordering, the customer will dial a specific number that been assigned for Pizza Hut Call Centre. Here, a customer will be asked about their name and address. The detail will be stored in a database therefore when the same customer call again, their address are already been identified.


            The customer then can state their order and the staff that work in call centre will double check the order for confirmation. The staff will detail the time of delivery and the price for the customer to stand by. After a certain time, the order will be delivered to the customer. The customer will pay the price and enjoyed the pizza.


            For online ordering, IT infrastructures are totally involved. The customer needs to log in to Pizza Hut (Malaysia) website using internet. From there, they need to log in. If the customer is a first time using the services, therefore, the customer needs to register. In the registration, the customer will need to fill up a form that asked about the details of the customer such as name, identity card(IC), address, phone number and others important details and will be stored in a database. The interesting fact that using online ordering in Pizza Hut is that the customer can save their favorite choice of menus for future order.


            Then, the customer will state the order and check the order before checkout. After checkout, the customer will need to pay using A transaction authorization code (TAC) is needed for security reason. After payment had been settled, there will be an email sent it to the customer to confirming the order had been received. The customer will received the order by delivery within hour or on the specific date that been selected by the customer itself.

Pizza Hut Online and Call Ordering Process by Flow Chart

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